Kathmandu Day Tour

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From the time immemorial, Kathmandu, the city of temple is known as the living gallery for centuries-long Nepalese art, culture, civilization and heritage which has been enormously attracting thousands of tourists around the world. Massively enriched with art, culture and heritage, the Kathmandu valley is famous for ancient temples, monuments, palaces, and most significantly, for those sites which are enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage site. A cultural hub, the Kathmandu valley is undoubtedly a rewarding touring destination. Tourist can have astonishing experience of legends which are buried within this valley.

Kathmandu valley Tour starts with a historical visit to Kathmandu Durbar square. An examination to medieval cultural and historical sites including palaces representing medieval art and culture will, undoubtedly, be an observance to a legendary historical site for a life-time. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to have an encounter with Kumari, a living goddess and you will feel blessed after seeing her.

   Then the second important cultural and spiritual visit to Swyambhunath stupa  also known as Monkey Temple, the oldest temple or stupa in the cultural history of Nepal  centuries-long civilization pleases everyone. Visitors will encounter with 200 years old art and architecture here. The major hightlights of this temple are: monkeys, serene forest, prayer flags, manis and ancient arts and architecture.

.Boudhanath stupa, well recognized as the biggest stupa in the world, which has been enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site has successfully become popular to fascinate  thousands of visitors around the world. Especially, Bouddhanath Stupa is invaluably a sacred pilgrimage site for Buddhist followers. The architecture exposed here is really notable.

A holy visit to Pashupatinath Temple, a sacred Hindu temple of god Shiva, located on the bank of Bagnmati river represent centuries-old arts and architecture. King Prachandev built the temple, Pashupatinath. A thousands of pilgrims go to visit Pashupatinath Temple on the occasion of Mahashivaratri from around the world especially from India.

Patan or Lalitpur also has its own historical and cultural importance in preserving ancient arts and civilization. A number of temples and cultural heritages of Patan exclusively being popular among the tourists. Patan  Durbar Square , Mangal Bazaar , Krishna Mandir, Kwa bahal, kumbeshwar temple, Tibetan refugee camp are some of the major  highlights of Patan tour. The souvenir enthusiasts will be delighted to be there as they can have handicraft, block Printed fabrics cushion covers, pottery, Painting, a wide range of handmade paper products and wooden toys.

Swayambhu  Stupa is an assemablence of Air, Heat, Earth and water the great four elements with their own distinct characterstics. Swayambhu’s other name is called Chaitya [Soul].There are four deities seated around the Chaitya.These deities are Mamaki,Lochani,Padmini and Tara. Lochani is the symbol of Earth Element.It is placed in the North west corner.Mamaki is the symbol of water elements it is seated in the east south corner.Padmini is the symbol of fire element it is seated in the south west corner.Tara is the symbol of Air elements it is seated in the west north corner. All these four deities are commonly called as Taras.

The Swayambhu Stupa or Chaitya consists of four main parts.

The first is the Dome or Arc Shape.This is the sign of Air Element.The second one is the heat element.By the cause of air and its uplifting nature the heat element exists.The third part lies upon the arc.It is a big cubical part called Hermica.The fourth and last one is thirteen pinnacles which is in number round in shape.

Five Features

Vairochana is the symbol of shape, size, form, colour etc.

Akshyovya symbolize nature of never been perishable.

Ratnasambhava symbolize nature of ever been transparency.

Amitabha Symbolize nature of having unlimited number of rays.

Amoghasiddhi Symbolize nature of having capacity of implementing the work perfectly.

Difficulty Easy Trip Lenght days Group Size 1-50 Pax People
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Trip Routes inside city
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