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Gorkha is a scenic hill town owning a great historical significance since the time when great king Prithvi Narayan Shah started the unification of Nepal. As Nepal was fragmented into many small pieces of kingdom, far-sighted king Prithvi Narayan Shaha commenced his great deed of unification of Nepal form the very town, Gorkha and he accomplished hi goal. This historical event occurred in the eighteen century and the Gorkha palace located at the top of the hillock represent the art and architecture of that era. Not only the Gorkha tour popular for its history but also the hillock where the Gorkha palace is situated offers an opportunity to witness majestic view of snow-fed mountains. The Gorkha museum has preserved the things of historical and archaeological importance of that era.

The major sights of Gorkha tour are Gorkha durbar, Gorkha museum, Upallokot, and Manakamana. Gorkha  durbar is a historical palace located on the top of the hillock which is entirely fortified , a one hour hike from Gorkha Bazar. On the western part of the palace there is Goddess Gorkhkali Temple and there is a legendary cave which shelters Gorakhnath Baba. According to the legend, king Prithvinarayan Shah was blessed by Gorakhnath Baba, he was inspired and got accomplished his goal of unification of Nepal. From the top of this hillock, one can view fabulous snow-capped mountain like Manasalu and Himchuli.

Upallokot is a top of the hillock located closer to Gorkha palace  which is very popular for mountain view. And in Gorkha bazaar , a museum preserving the centuries old historical and archaeological objects of eighteen century offers an observance for the memorable tour.

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