Budanilkantha, Balaju

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Budanilkantha Balaju

Located approximately 10 kilometres from the centre of Kathmandu, The Budhanilkantha statue of the Hindu god Vishnu is at the base of the Shivapuri Hill. It is the largest, enigmatic and most beautiful stone carving in the history of Nepal. The statue is carved form a single block of basalt stone of unknown origin. Due to this incredible statue, the place has been a high tourist attraction for many decades. Budhanilkantha literally means ‘old blue-throat’ and it got that name is interesting. Lying in a reclining position inside a recessed tank of water, the statue stretches 5 meters in length. The statue that represents Hindu God Bishnu is reclined on the twisting coils of the multihued cosmic serpent, Shesha Nag. The God’s legs are crossed and the eleven heads of the serpent cradle his head. The God’s four hands hold the objects of divine qualities respectively: a coach-shell, a chakra or disc, a louts flower and the club. A big fair is held between October and November and pilgrims pay homage to the statue regarding the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, provider of human food and accommodation. It is one of the best hiking spots around The Kathmandu Valley.

Balaju is very close from Thamel.

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