Jungle Safari

Jungle safari in Nepal


 Nepal is divided into three distinctive regions i.e. Himali Region, Hilly Region and Terai Region. Among three distinctive regions, Terai is remarkably well-known for dense subtropical forest with abundance unique, rare and endangered flora and fauna. Thus, Terai region of Nepal is undoubtedly is considered to be an ultimate destination for jungle safari. You will totally be astonished to witness exciting wildlife and their natural habitat.  

The exotic thing to witness and to experience are the activities such as canoeing, nature walks, bird watching, excursions, elephant ride and bath and visit to an ethnic Tharu village and their unique culture age-long civilization.

Royal Chitwan National Park,Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve, Bardiya National Park are popular tourist destinations for jungle safari which are the most visited national parks and wildlife reserve in the southern belt of Nepal. Travelling through the dense subtropical forest and witnessing the rarest and the most endangered species of wildlife makes your visit a memorable and once in a life time. Besides, jungle safari here in Nepal is one of the best ways of getting rid of the worldly things and being in the lap of the tranquil and serene nature.

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